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About Psychologythoughts.com

Welcome to Psychologythoughts.com! This weblog is   collaboration efforts of alumnis from Psychology Faculty of Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia. The purpose of making this blog is to reintroduce psychology as a science and its applications to the community.

We want to share to you about psychology. What is psychology? Psychology is derived from the Greek word psyche, which means soul, and logos, which means science. In simple words, we can say that psychology is the science of the soul.

As the object study of Psychology science becoming more complex, the term ‘Psychology’ also became  broader. Some experts defined Psychology as: 

  • The scientific study of activities of individual in relation to his environment (Woodworth & Marquis,1961)
    • The field which deals with human nature or human activity in general (Ruch,1965)
    • The science of human & animal behavior; it includes the application of this science to human problem (Morgan, et al.,1986)
    • Science study of Behavior and Mental Process (Hilgard, 1996)

Now, how often do you meet someone with a background in psychology? In Indonesia, a Bachelor of Psychology will become a Psychologist after completing his or her education in Psychology Profession or Graduate School of Professional Psychology. Psychologists themselves have numerous specialization skills according to their majors. In Padjadjaran University, the Graduate School of Professional Psychology have six different majors: Adult Clinical Psychology, Children and Adolescent Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Educational Psychology, and Experimental Psychology.

A Bachelor of Psychology doesn’t always have to become a Psychologist eventually. A Bachelor that doesn’t attend the Graduate School of Psychology is not a Psychologist. Well, there are still many other discipline that Psychology can get involved. A Bachelor, Master, or a Doctor of Psychology can work in any other scientific sectors and work field. For example, as a consultant, psychotherapist, trainer, or other work field that involves human being.

We know there will be a lot more applications of Psychology that are yet to be written here. Please enjoy reading our articles and we hope they will give you benefits in knowing about the applications of Psychology for the community.

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