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ME – YOU as a Basic of a Healthy Relationship ( 2 )

How to turn your symbiotic relationship to a healthy relationship? There are several ways you can do.

The first, of course, you should know yourself. Get to know your thoughts-feeling-needs-desires. Do it by asking questions and ponder. The other way to identify is to scrutinize what your partner complains about you, because beneath his/her complaint lays the truth. You can start from there.

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ME – YOU as a Basic for a Healthy Relationship (1)

There are two important points in intimate partner relationships (in dating and marriage), both come in pair and we must always strike a balance between those two: closeness and separateness. Closeness or intimacy refers to the sensitivity and the resemblance of two people who are bound closely together, as if they’re fused. Separateness refers to how you sense your differences between yourself and your mate. Your personal thinking-feeling- needs.

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“The Importance of Sex Education For 1 to 4 Year Old Children”

The rise of news on harassment and sexual assault on children is surely alarming parents and educators. One contributing factor is that the children, in fact, do not have enough knowledge to protect themselves. Conversation related to sex is still taboo in our culture and society. Sex is considered as inappropriate matter to talk about and to discuss. Not to mention the ‘sex = dirty’ notion that confines the discussions about sex. It becomes the topic of the conversation behind closed doors and most likely distorted because the inaccurate information being transferred.

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