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Help, I Have Creativity Block!

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Perhaps most of us frequently experienced a creativity block. This creativity block signed with the lost of creative ideas or inspirations we need to create a work or finished certain problem. If the deadline is coming closer, this creativity block will be really frustrating, and can lead to the anxiety that we cannot finish the creative project. But creativity block is not the end of the world! The first thing we can do is to recognize the reason behind this block. These are the main reasons of creativity block:

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Three Ways to be A Succesful Improptu Speaker

You are invited to an event. The initial plan is to attend as a participant; a cheerleader on the sideline. But, alas, the organizers recognize you, and consider that you deserve more than to be a random participant.

Then you are asked to give a speech, it might be giving welcome remarks, keynote speech, or closing remarks. What to do? You did not have anything up your sleeve!

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How to Manage Gen Y

25 February 2013 | 13:42

This is a very ‘hot’ topic among HR practitioners, one of the largest HR forum even discussed it in depth in a special session late last year.

Generation Y is a generation growing up with the development of wireless technology, the Internet and social media. A generation wanting things  to happen fast, whether it is a change or a process to achieve results. It influences how they behave in the environment. The rise of social media provides a place for generation Y to ‘show themselves’. Lately, we are very familiar with the term narcissism. Social media allows them to demonstrate their ego.

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ME – YOU as a Basic of a Healthy Relationship ( 2 )

How to turn your symbiotic relationship to a healthy relationship? There are several ways you can do.

The first, of course, you should know yourself. Get to know your thoughts-feeling-needs-desires. Do it by asking questions and ponder. The other way to identify is to scrutinize what your partner complains about you, because beneath his/her complaint lays the truth. You can start from there.

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ME – YOU as a Basic for a Healthy Relationship (1)

There are two important points in intimate partner relationships (in dating and marriage), both come in pair and we must always strike a balance between those two: closeness and separateness. Closeness or intimacy refers to the sensitivity and the resemblance of two people who are bound closely together, as if they’re fused. Separateness refers to how you sense your differences between yourself and your mate. Your personal thinking-feeling- needs.

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“The Importance of Sex Education For 1 to 4 Year Old Children”

The rise of news on harassment and sexual assault on children is surely alarming parents and educators. One contributing factor is that the children, in fact, do not have enough knowledge to protect themselves. Conversation related to sex is still taboo in our culture and society. Sex is considered as inappropriate matter to talk about and to discuss. Not to mention the ‘sex = dirty’ notion that confines the discussions about sex. It becomes the topic of the conversation behind closed doors and most likely distorted because the inaccurate information being transferred.

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Social Media Eulogy

This morning, I was intrigued by the news on the large number of teenage rape victims as the result of their interaction with strangers from social media. In Depok, a junior high school student was raped by her social network friend, a minivan driver. In the United States, a 19-year-old man charged with raping 13-year-old female friend he met on Facebook. In fact, a man from Lexington County, 35-year-old William Spivey was jailed for allegedly asking a 13 year old boy to have sex with him. Luckily, Spivey’s demand was later discovered by the victim’s mother.

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