Simple Ways of Celebrating Togetherness

For us as a married couple with one child, it’s sometimes hard to have a quality time for just both of us because we both work. When I come home, my son is trying to get our fullest attention until his bedtime. How to work around this?

Actually there are many ways such as:

  1. Stay awake after putting the child to sleep, then enjoy some quality time for both of. We only face one small challenge, we both need to get up early to go to work the next day. J
  2. Openly ask our child for a time off, so we as the parents could have some quality time together. For this one, don’t be too surprised if suddenly the child screams outside or knocks at the door so loudly.
  3. Relax a little bit after the office hours, by doing things you all like. For example, going to a movie, dining out, or just window shopping. We are thankful because we live in Bandung, which allows us to do everything spontaneously, without the worry of facing such acute congestion like in Jakarta.
  4. Take time to pray together in Maghrib and Isha. Dhikr together after praying, we can have a bit of quality time, to God as well as to our couple. Usually we closed our prayer by hugging each other asking for forgiveness. Subhanallah, it can be a tremendous relief!

Now, we recently did tip number 3. After we went out to get the prescribed medicine for our parents, we drove to a big mall in Sukajadi, Bandung. Our goal was a dinner, because we were famished. Incidentally the mall was known for its cozy and romantic atmosphere, plus it was raining that night. Not only we enjoyed our dinner, we also re-visioned our dreams. Spontaneous, but the effect was amazing. Full and warm stomach, felling content, and a happy child welcoming us (welcoming our gifts, to be exact).

So, as a married couple, do not hesitate to try new things together spontaneously. You are entitled to celebrate the small success in your life together.

September 24, 2012


Wijanarko Dwi Utomo

Alumnus of Psychology Faculty, Unpad 1997. Loves to write, and to learn from others’ articles.

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