How to Manage Gen Y

25 February 2013 | 13:42

This is a very ‘hot’ topic among HR practitioners, one of the largest HR forum even discussed it in depth in a special session late last year.

Generation Y is a generation growing up with the development of wireless technology, the Internet and social media. A generation wanting things  to happen fast, whether it is a change or a process to achieve results. It influences how they behave in the environment. The rise of social media provides a place for generation Y to ‘show themselves’. Lately, we are very familiar with the term narcissism. Social media allows them to demonstrate their ego.

Like the previous generations, Generation Y also has its own characteristics, particularly in the workplace communication. They have  fun and expressive communication; they could easily obtain the contents of the  conversation ‘online’; the context should be contemporary, recent and in accordance with their roles; They will value the authority they see deserve to be respected (according to their perception ); They connect online through technology; work rhythm is very fast, and communication frequency is constant.

So how do we manage them in a business organization? For the record, they will not interested in anything if : 1. They do not understand the point; 2. They do not understand the facts and 3. They can not participate in it.

The clash began when Gen Y entered the workforce, while many Gen X occupied the middle level position. Their character differences would often color the day-to-day working relationships. With Gen X or even the ‘baby boomers’ generation on the highest level, it certainly creates a wide enough gap.

Now, how to manage Gen Y well?

1. As a mid-level management, you should be able to be a good liaison between the BOD with employees (who are Gen Y majority).Being liaison means you must have good communication skills, to minimize differences in perception that may occur.

2. You should be able to help create understanding between the different generations, by sitting together, determine what should and what should not be done. It is also expected as a way of mutual understanding between each generation in your company.

3. Create a program of activities for Gen Y, make the activity as a platform for them actualize themselves.

4. Keep the transparency and flow of communication in your company in order to remain effective and efficient.

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Wijanarko Dwi Utomo

Alumnus of Psychology Faculty, Unpad 1997. Loves to write, and to learn from others’ articles.


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